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Our premises locate in the eastern part of Turku. The street address is Kousankatu 1, 20610 Turku.  Open Google-map)  e-mail:

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GMP and controls: Matti Laitinen, CEO • Tel +358 40 594 4975 • E-mail: matti.laitinen(at)
Quality and FinnCow: Jani Vainio, Quality Manager • Tel +358 50 568 6341 • E-mail: jani.vainio(at)
Validations of automation and information technology systems: Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Validation Engineer • Tel +358 50 5219 902 • E-mail: olli.heinonen(at)
Validation of devices: Kalle Järvinen, Validation Engineer • Tel. +358 400 480 195 • E-mail: kalle.jarvinen(at)
Clean room validations and measurements: Matti Laitinen, CEO • Tel +358 40 594 4975 • E-mail: matti.laitinen(at)

Zeus Tech Oy

Validation, testing, measuring and quality assurance for pharmaceutical, bio and food industry companies together with research institutes.

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Individually tailored validation services to fulfil the customer’s needs.

Testing and measurement services
Individual measurements for systems and equipment.

QA services
Services to comply with international GMP, GLP, GCP regulations and ISO standards.

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Validointi-, mittaus- ja testaus- sekä laadunvarmistuspalvelut lääke-, bio- ja elintarviketeollisuuden alojen yrityksille sekä tutkimuslaitoksille.