Testing and measurement services

In addition to comprehensive validation services, we provide individual measurements for systems and equipment (e.g. measurements for validations or regular interval checks). In Zeus Tech Ltd we have a wide range of equipment for testing and measuring the system procedures used in clean room technology, pharmaceutical industry and laboratory equipment.

Targets and quantities

We provide a measurement statement, which includes an analysis of the results. The statement is based on the requirements of equipment and authority regulations (ISO/ GMP). We provide testing and measurement services of e.g. cleanrooms in industry, hospitals and laboratories. In addition to complete clean rooms the testing and measurement targets can be laminar flow cabinets and isolators, autoclaves, laboratory washing machines and disinfection systems, centrifuges and incubators. Measured quantities include airflow velocity and volume (measured from filters), absolute or differential pressure, airborne particle count (for example in cleanrooms), temperature, humidity and laminar airflow velocity. For other tests and measurements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Zeus Tech Oy

Validation, testing, measuring and quality assurance for pharmaceutical, bio and food industry companies together with research institutes.

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Individually tailored validation services to fulfil the customer’s needs.

Testing and measurement services
Individual measurements for systems and equipment.

QA services
Services to comply with international GMP, GLP, GCP regulations and ISO standards.

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Validointi-, mittaus- ja testaus- sekä laadunvarmistuspalvelut lääke-, bio- ja elintarviketeollisuuden alojen yrityksille sekä tutkimuslaitoksille.


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