About us

Zeus Tech Ltd is a professional services organisation. Founded in 2005, we set out to help our customers by providing them with validation expertise as well as to act as an intermediary between technology and biochemistry, whether it be validating devices, systems or cleanrooms. The cornerstones of our operations have been strong technical expertise, in-depth understanding of the official regulations and familiarity with customer processes since the beginning.

Our quality system has been designed to meet the requirements of our client companies, most of whom operate in the GMP sector. Our quality system (ISO 9001) was certified in 2008 and, where applicable, also complies with ISO 17025 and EU GMP requirements.

Participating in cleanroom projects as an expert has become an important part of our operations in recent years. We typically join new projects when user requirements are being defined, acting as an “intermediary” between users and the customer on the one side, and planners and contractors on the other, supporting the entire project until the cleanroom is in official operation. During the project, we often act as a GMP supervisor during the planning and construction phase, also performing the appropriate cleanroom validations from DQ to PQ, integrating them with supervision. Our measuring equipment covers almost everything needed for facility validations. In addition to cleanroom projects for the pharmaceutical industry and related industries, we have also participated in the construction projects of several biosafety level facilities (BSL 3) in a similar role.

Although providing expertise for cleanroom projects has become a significant part of our operations, other work related to validations and quality control is also important to us. We can help in matters such as device or system validations or, for example, preparations for regulatory inspections.

Throughout the years, we as a company have always remained loyal to our original purpose. Above all, our customers value the dedication with which we seek to understand all challenges, our strong practical knowledge of official regulations as well as our ability to apply them, and the quality of the documentation we produce.

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