Measurements and testing

In addition to comprehensive validation services, we also perform measurements related to individual systems and devices, such as measurements that are part of validations or periodic inspections. Zeus Tech Ltd has a comprehensive range of measuring devices, in particular for cleanroom measurements. After testing we draw up the test records, which include – in addition to the processed test results – a written statement that takes into account the requirements set by the user and the authorities (ISO/GMP).

Cleanroom measurements and tests
· Air volume and air exchange rate, room specific or for air terminal devices
· Pressure ratios/pressure differences between rooms
· Laminar air flow velocity
· Air flow visualisation
· Containment leakage test
· Installed filter leakage test
· Temperature and relative air humidity
· Air particle concentration
· Recovery time
· Noise level
· Lighting
· Other operational tests

Facilities and items we measure

We can perform measurements at facilities such as the cleanrooms in industrial premises, hospitals and research institutes, as well as biosafety facilities, laboratories and other controlled facilities. In addition to cleanrooms, we can measure, for instance, biosafety/laminar cabinets and isolators. If you have any other measurement needs, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist.

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